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Oopy provides you with a simple and easy way to turn your Notion page into a performant website. Featuring customized styles, and integrations with powerful services like Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and so on and on and on.

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Custom domain
Connect your Notion page to a custom domain. If you don't have it, pick a subdomain of Oopy. Your website, in 1 min.
Free SSL
SSL is essential for protecting your website. Oopy issues and renews the SSL certificate of your domain, powered by Let's Encrypt.
Dark mode
Do you love dark mode? Oopy does! You can turn dark mode on/off on your website with Oopy.
Clean URL
Clean URL improves the usability and accessibility, by being intuitively meaningful to non-expert users.
How many users visited your website yesterday? Visit Oopy console. Oopy provides you with the answer.
You can install Google Analytics script, Facebook Pixel script, or other super-power scripts by just using copy and paste.
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