Hostname Redirection

What is Hostname Redirection?

You may need to make a redirect from hostname A to B. For example, you want your root domain to redirect to Oopy provides you without additional cost.

About root domain

For the reason of system design, Oopy forces you to connect with a subdomain by prefixing www if you enter a root domain.
Even if you enter root domain...
You should use subdomain starts with www
Because of that, you will find that works, but doesn't
Here is where root domain redirection comes in. Oopy can redirect to

How can I do that?

You need to add a DNS record of following for the hostname which will be redirected
Record Type: A
Host: Empty (If it can't be empty, @)
Value(Target, Answer):
As you know, it usually takes some time to be propagated the changes. You can check current status of the propagation at here.
After the propagation is done, go to admin home and add the hostname(domain) to the Redirect from input.


We don't charge you for redirect hostanme.
You may set multiple redirect hostnames.