We try to set meta tags properly from the content on the Notion pages. Check out here for more detail,

Enhanced SEO

There are things you can do to SEO of your website.

Upload favicon & og:image

Good favicon and og:image is visually important. It really leads to more traffic on your website.
Check out Oopy Metatag Rules for more detail.

If you need more SEO,

Turn off SEO,

You can disable search engines from crawling your website. Set No for the Allow Search Engines option in the admin.


Why is my website not showing up on Google?

Google doesn't show every single pages on web. It is known that Google needs some traffic before exposing your website. Also, the more general your website title is, like an apple, the harder it will be to be captured with that keyword. Make sure your website has proper meta tags and wait some time while

What is the option Overwrite Notion representative image?

By default, Notion select representative image of a page from its cover image or content images and Oopy respect the image when determining og image. However, If you want to unify all the og image same with the image you uploaded on Oopy console, turn on this option to overwrite Notion representative image.

og:image doesn't show up on Facebook.

Facebook caches your website and uses it again and again. To make it refresh, you can use facebook debugger tool. It's not difficult. Just write your website address and click Scrape Again.