Publish to Profit from Notion

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Create content with Notion, Publish to profit with Oopy!

Oopy hosts secure websites with your content in Notion with membership and a paywall so that you can get paid without a hassle.

Build online course, blog or whatever you want to get paid

You can create every kind of content business with Notion. Oopy lets you customize almost everything on top of that.

Keep writing in Notion. Oopy will handle the rest.

Host performant website

Oopy hosts SEO friendly, performant website from your Notion page with security first in mind with customizations.

Manage membership

Anyone with an e-mail can be a member of your website with one-click. You can easily manage members in admin.

Get paid with Stripe

Which means you can use all of Stripe's powerful features. Even more, Oopy supports multiple levels of membership.


Host website with security first in mind

Oopy hosts websites from your Notion page with security first in mind. You don't have to make your content public. You can easily control who can get access to your content securely.

Build flexible price strategy with Stripe

You can get paid with your Stripe account. Oopy supports subscription, onetime payment and coupon feature of Stripe. On top of that, we support multiple levels of membership with multiple prices so that you can maximize your profit with a flexible pricing strategy.

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