[v0.0.3] Hello, membership console

Say hello to membership console!

Hi, we've released membership console

Members can sign in with a password

Members can set their password after email verification. They can update their password in the setting tab at /_private/mypage.

You can get agreement on your cookie policy from visitors

You may need to get agreement on your cookie policy. Just prepare your cookie policy link and we will handle the rest.
1. Enter your cookie policy link at console
2. Every visitors will be asked to accept the cookie policy.

You can add free trial option for your subscription

There are 2 types of plans; subscription and one-off. You can provide free trial option to visitors for your subscription plan.

You can delete an unnecessary plan

You can unnecessary plan in the link above. You can't delete one if the plan had been purchased by someone. In that case, you can deactivate plan so that there would be no further purchase.

Access membership console from sidebar