Learn more about Pro plan features

If you are thinking about using the newly released Pro plan, you have come to the right place!
We will tell you in detail what the Oopy Pro plan is offering now and what plans we have in the future.

Try a variety of pro-only features

Top menubar & Bottom navigator

Give your visitors quick access to important pages with the top menu bar and bottom navigator!

Image slider

You can use special options only available on the Pro plan!
1. No limit on number of images 2. Allowing Notion video block 3. Crossfade transition effect
Check out our dedicated guide for more details.

Preparing for new pro-only features!

Advanced top menubar (2022.02)

You can add an advanced top menu bar that is prettier and smarter than the existing top menu bar.
1. Aggregating Notion top bar into the Oopy menu bar 2. Attaching submenus under menus

Advanced CTA button (Not scheduled)

Page comment (Not scheduled)

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