Why can't I see the changes that I made?

Oopy saves your pages and serves it to the viewers. It's a technical decision that we made to serve performant website from your Notion pages. If there is a new request for your webpage and the cached page that we have is older than 1~5 minutes, then we re-render your page and update the cache.
So it may take up to(or more than) 1~5 minutes to show the updates that you made in Notion. That's why you don't see the changes that you made in Notion right away. Please think of it as a trade-off. Your customers(or viewers) experience way better speed because of this little inconvenience.
You can request force-refresh in the admin through the refresh icon on the bottom left corner if you want to see the change immediately.
Or, your changes does not show up because we do not support some blocks yet. We are working hard to make it happen, soon. Please let us know what components you need, so that we can be better at prioritizing

My collection view does not change

We render the first view of a collection. Please make sure that you're making changes with the first view. If you want to change the view, just make sure the view comes first
Oopy only handles the first view of a collection

I see some error codes

If you see some error, please let us know. We'll be in touch within 1 working day. If you want to know more, please check the following page for what error code means.

I want to delete account

Thank you for using Oopy. Please let us know the things that we could have done better. We'll do our best to fix your problem. Please contact us if you want to delete your account. When you email us, please use the email address you entered into Oopy for identification. We'll remove your account ASAP. If there are accounts that do not have an active subscription, we delete them regularly(after a week from expiry). We do not to hold your personal information after deleteing.